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Admission plan by specialty

We plan to accept applicants for full-time and correspondence form of education in 5 specialties:

  • Information technology software (daytime);
  • Accounting, analysis and control (full-time, correspondence);
  • Operational activity in logistics (day);
  • Law (full-time, part-time);
  • Visual merchandising (daytime).

Check out the admission plan for the above specialties

Specialties of the future

Information technology software

learn how to write programs and applications in various languages (C#, Java, etc.), develop websites, check programs for errors and troubleshoot lines of code, create and test code, maintain PCs, build network architecture and implement it.

Law studies

learn how to draw up legal documents; make decisions within the scope of official duties, perform actions related to the implementation of legal norms; ensure legality and law and order.

Visual merchandising

learn how to zone the store’s areas, create shelf placement plans and display
of goods, think through all the decor, showcases, lighting and musical accompaniment; attract the buyer through the design and provoke him to make a purchase, preserving the corporate identity and standard of the company

Operational activities in logistics

learn how to coordinate the movement of goods on the way from production to points of sale, organize transportation and storage of goods, plan and organize high-quality delivery of goods at a certain time to a designated place at a set price.

Accounting, analysis and control

learn how to use legislative, methodological, regulatory and other management materials on the organization of accounting; keep accounting and statistical records, create appropriate reports at enterprises, institutions and organizations, regardless of subordination and forms of ownership.

How to avoid mistakes when choosing a profession

Often those who have just graduated from school may have doubts when choosing a particular profession, and this choice is extremely important for your future. If you are experiencing any difficulties and (or) can’t decide who to be, then read the information prepared by the socio-pedagogical and psychological service, which will help you avoid mistakes when choosing a profession

Our contacts


Minsk region
Central square, 1
Index: 222306

Reception of the director

Phone / Fax: (0176) 77-19-72
Email address: mtec@bks.by

Deputy Director for Academic Affairs

Phone / Fax: (0176) 77-01-71
Bagnyuk Elina Sergeevna

Deputy Director for Educational Work

Phone / Fax: (0176) 77-02-53
Simanovich Oksana Gennadievna

Deputy Director for Industrial Training

Phone / Fax: (0176) 77-01-51
Vasyuta Tatiana Valeryevna

Methodical service

Phone / Fax: (0176) 77-18-73
Naumchik Zoya Gennadievna

Full-time department

Phone / Fax: (0176) 77-02-24
Shchutskaya Irina Konstantinovna

Correspondence department

Phone / Fax: (0176) 77-17-06
Kononova Светлана Леонтьевна


Phone / fax: (0176) 77-40-53
Kasperovich Alesya Anatolyevna



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