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The process of receiving documents


We have already successfully replenished our ranks with new students of our college in 2022. The next admission campaign will begin in July 2023.


As soon as the new admission campaign starts, we will inform you about it. We will publish information on the progress of receiving documents on a daily basis.

Terms of admission, testing and enrollment


We will be glad to welcome you on MonSat from 09:00 – 18:00.


The admission of documents to our college begins in July and lasts:

  • until August 14 (based on grades 9);
  • until August 17 (based on grades 11).


Enrollment in all forms of education is carried out according to the competition of the average score of the document on education.

The composition of the admissions committee

This year our admissions committee has changed slightly and we are pleased to present you its new version

Черепович О.А.

Cherepovich Oleg Antonovich

Chairman of the Admissions Committee


Багнюк Э.С.

Bagnyuk Elina Sergeevna

Deputy Chairman of the Admissions Committee

Deputy Director for Academic Affairs

Сыманович О.Г.

Simanovich Oksana Gennadievna

Deputy Director for Educational Work Work

Васюта Т.В.

Vasyuta Tatiana Valeryevna

Head of Practice

Кононова С.Л.

Kononova Svetlana Leontievna

Head of the correspondence department

Щуцкая И.К.

Shchutskaya Irina Konstantinovna

Executive Secretary of the Reception Committee

Head of the day department

Гайдукевич Р.И.

Gaidukevich Ruslan Ivanovich

Head of the Information Technology Department

Гоич И.В.

Goich Irina Valeryevna

Chairman of the primary trade union organization of students

List of documents

In order to become a part of our college, you need to collect a small package of documents:

  • application addressed to the head of the educational institution in the prescribed form;
  • passport (if there is no passport, birth certificate);
  • originals of educational documents (certificates, certificates, diplomas);
  • medical certificate of health status in the form established by the Ministry of Health;
  • vaccination card (for applicants for full-time education);
  • documents confirming the applicant’s right to benefits when enrolling for secondary special education (if any);
  • documents confirming that a citizen of the Republic of Belarus permanently resides in the Republic of Belarus for no more than two years immediately preceding the date of submission of documents for obtaining secondary special education;
  • referral of the customer for the preparation of the applicant (for applicants who enter on the terms of payment for training by legal entities (including consumer cooperation organizations) persons);
  • 6 photos 3 x 4 cm in size;
  • 6 envelopes with stamps in Belarus;
  • folder-folder (cardboard);

Our contacts


Minsk region
Central square, 1
Index: 222306

Reception of the director

Phone / Fax: (0176) 77-19-72
Email address:

Deputy Director for Academic Affairs

Phone / Fax: (0176) 77-01-71
Bagnyuk Elina Sergeevna

Deputy Director for Educational Work

Phone / Fax: (0176) 77-02-53
Simanovich Oksana Gennadievna

Deputy Director for Industrial Training

Phone / Fax: (0176) 77-01-51
Vasyuta Tatiana Valeryevna

Methodical service

Phone / Fax: (0176) 77-18-73
Naumchik Zoya Gennadievna

Full-time department

Phone / Fax: (0176) 77-02-24
Shchutskaya Irina Konstantinovna

Correspondence department

Phone / Fax: (0176) 77-17-06
Kononova Светлана Леонтьевна


Phone / fax: (0176) 77-40-53
Kasperovich Alesya Anatolyevna



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