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Training in the direction of consumer cooperation organizations


The direction of the organization of consumer cooperation is the possibility of training specialists on the basis of an agreement between the customer organization, the educational institution and the student himself.

About Consumer cooperation

Belarusian Republican Union of Consumer Societies

Belсoopsoyuz is a diversified commercial structure that unites trade and catering enterprises, a procurement network, fur farms, industrial, transport and construction organizations, and 8 educational institutions throughout the country.


Consumer cooperation is a large multi-industry system with an extensive network of trade enterprises, public catering, agricultural products and raw materials, producing a variety of consumer goods and providing services to the population, carrying out foreign economic activity and breeding fur-bearing animals, having its own construction and transport organizations, other infrastructure enterprises, educational institutions.


The basis of consumer cooperation consists of district consumer societies and branches united in 6 regional unions. In order to systematically meet the need for qualified personnel of consumer cooperation organizations, specialists and workers are trained in consumer cooperation educational institutions.

Training of specialists and workers in educational institutions of consumer cooperation is carried out in accordance with the admission plan approved annually by the Board of the Belkoopsoyuz (until April 10) based on orders from Belkoopsoyuz organizations.

If you have questions about getting a referral for training at the expense of consumer cooperation organizations, you must contact the personnel services of consumer cooperation organizations at your place of residence:

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