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Are you going to join us? Check out our specialties in more detail! We train lawyers, logisticians, programmers, accountants and merchandisers! Come to us and build your future

Reception campaign

Familiarize yourself with the necessary documents for admission, the work schedule of the admissions committee, its composition and the course of acceptance of documents for admission to college

Training at the expense of consumer cooperation organizations

Get acquainted with consumer cooperation and the features of its educational cluster, if you are going to come to us at the expense of consumer cooperation organizations

Further education

Study the features of obtaining higher education in a shortened form of study, as well as get acquainted with the list of higher educational institutions that you can enroll in after receiving an education at the Molodechno trade-economic college of the belcoopzoyuz

Our contacts


Minsk region
Central square, 1
Index: 222306

Reception of the director

Phone / Fax: (0176) 77-19-72
Email address: mtec@bks.by

Deputy Director for Academic Affairs

Phone / Fax: (0176) 77-01-71
Bagnyuk Elina Sergeevna

Deputy Director for Educational Work

Phone / Fax: (0176) 77-02-53
Simanovich Oksana Gennadievna

Deputy Director for Industrial Training

Phone / Fax: (0176) 77-01-51
Vasyuta Tatiana Valeryevna

Methodical service

Phone / Fax: (0176) 77-18-73
Naumchik Zoya Gennadievna

Full-time department

Phone / Fax: (0176) 77-02-24
Shchutskaya Irina Konstantinovna

Correspondence department

Phone / Fax: (0176) 77-17-06
Kononova Светлана Леонтьевна


Phone / fax: (0176) 77-40-53
Kasperovich Alesya Anatolyevna



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